ComfoWay KNX gateway

ComfoWay – Zehnder ComfoD gateway

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Your next generation interface  to the Zehnder ComfoD ventilation units.

The four main functions are:

  • your visualisation interface to the ComfoD units, instead of using the CC-Ease or CC-Luxe
  • KNX gateway to allow integration of your unit in your KNX installation (some 70 communication objects available)
  • logging & trends: care for historical data en trends for detailed analysis and configuration?
  • KNX-IP gateway, so no need to install a seperate IP interface to your installation (eg for ETS)

No tools needed to configure: all configuration is done through the built-in webserver

Note: functions with both Base & Luxe units.

These Zehnder ventilation units are also commercialised under the following names:

  • Brands: JE StorkAir, Zehnder, Comfo Air
  • Models: WHR 920, WHR 930, WHR 950, WHR 960, ComfoD 250, ComfoD 350, ComfoD 450, ComfoD 550, ComfoAir 350, ComfoAir 550, ComfoAir SL 330

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Product Description

Why the ComfoWay?

  • Manage your unit trough visualisation for PC / tablet / Smartphone
  • Integrate your unit into your smart house through KNX
  • Plug & play

Integration functions from real case projects:

  • Improve energy performance & thermal comfort by integration in control and command of other techniques
    Ex: Comfort temperature ComfoD = set temperature heating
    Ex: Week program ComfoD = week program heating/cooling
    Ex: door & window status -> modify ComfoD volume
  • Improve ease of use
    •Integrated in overall building management system
    •Ex: activate Burglrary alarm => away => adapt ComfoD volume to ‘away’ (A) modus
    •Ex: send an SMS or Email in case of fault or filter clogging

Supported communication objects (as of firmware V1.3)

More than 90 objects supported:





The ComfoWay (V0.2) in action on youtube:

Present version is V1.3, video will be updated soon.

Screenshot V1.3 homepage


The welcome screen shows the 3 main vizualisation functions (tablet, smartphone & scheduler). The KNX settings (group addresses and physical address) can be found under the configuration.

Additional functionality

Aside the most obvious functions, the ComfoWay also provides the following functions:

  • fully customisable vizualisation, ready to be integrated in other vizualisations. For an example have a look here.
  • data logging of your unit: need to investigate specifc behaviour, or need to service the unit? Have a look ik the logs and trend graphs
  • retrieve the status of your unit by XML, to integrate data in other vizualisation platforms, independant from KNX.
  • a KNX-IP gateway, so no need to install a seperate IP interface to your installation. ETS4 will autodiscover the KNX-IP of the ComfoWay. Also has filtering options and secure tunnel.



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