ComfoWay V2 for Zehnder ComfoAir: KNX & modbus interface and vizualisation

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Main features

  • Tablet & smartphone visualisation controls your unit
  • Integrates your unit in your KNX installation: 93 command & status communication objects
  • Integrates your unit in your modbus installation: 93 command & status communication objects
  • Installation time: Plug & Play in a few minutes
  • customisable KNX-IP gateway: no need to install a seperate costly IP or USB interface (eg for ETS)

You need to integrate with Modbus, Bacnet, EnOcean, SMS, email, … ? The ComfoKNX on a Logic Machine is what you need.


The compatible Zehnder ventilation units are commercialised under the following names and models

  • Brands: JE StorkAir, Zehnder, Comfo Air, Wernig
  • Models: WHR 920, WHR 930, WHR 950, WHR 960, ComfoD 250, ComfoD 350, ComfoD 450, ComfoD 550, ComfoAir 350, ComfoAir 550, ComfoAir SL 330, ComfoAir 200, ComfoAir 180 and ComfoAir 200. Compatible with the use of the ComfoCool or Arctic module.
  • functions with both Base & Luxe units



Why the ComfoWay?

  • Manage your unit trough visualisation for PC / tablet / Smartphone
  • Integrate your unit into your smart house through KNX
  • Integrate your unit into your smart house through modbus (released shorty and available by upgrade)
  • Plug & play

Integration functions from real case projects:

  • Improve energy performance & thermal comfort by integration in control and command of other techniques
    •E.g.: Comfort temperature ComfoD = set temperature heating
    E.g.: Week program ComfoD = week program heating/cooling
    E.g.: door & window status -> modify ComfoD volume
  • Improve ease of use
    •Integrated in overall building management system
    •E.g.: activate Burglrary alarm => away => adapt ComfoD volume to ‘away’ (A) modus
    •E.g.: send an SMS or Email in case of fault or filter clogging

Compatible ventilation units

If you can control the ventilation unit with the CC-ease or the ComfoSense, then you can control it with the ComfoWay. This includes units of different brands and model names: Zehnder, Wernig, StorkAir, ComfoAir, ComfoD, WHR, VMC, G 90 and more. Contact us if in doubt.

Supported communication objects

More than 90 objects supported, including 29 command objects.




A few minutes to get rolling: from out of the box till controlling your unit.

With our new RJ45 Quick Connect cable: no more screwdriver required.
Simply snap your ComfoWay on a DIN-rail and plug the RJ45 in the base or luxe board of your unit.


No tools needed to configure: all configuration is done through the built-in webserver
comfoway Config screen

Tablet & PC use

The interface is fully touch enabled and can be used on PC as well as on tablet.
Some of the most used screens are shown below.
The default control page
The status page
The graphs page

Smart (phone) interface

The Smart touch interface is optimised for use on smartphone with small screens. It optimises itself to landscape/portrait format.
A collection of the screens:
As can be seen, the advanced installer settings are pincode protected by default.
Visibility, pincodes, etc can all be tuned to your needs easily.

Additional functionality

Aside the most obvious functions, the ComfoWay also provides the following functions:

  • KNX-IP gateway (EIBnet/IP) with object filtering. This replaces the need for a seperate costly IP or USB interface. ETS4/ETS5 autodiscovers the ComfoWay. It has detailed filtering options and secure tunnel.
  • Schedule automatic ventilation actions from your smartphone or tablet. Includes weekprogram, holidays, …
  • fully customisable vizualisation, ready to be integrated in other vizualisations. For an example have a look here.
  • data logging of your unit: need to investigate specifc behaviour, or need to service the unit? Have a look ik the logs and trend graphs
  • retrieve the status of your unit by XML, to integrate data in other vizualisation platforms, independant from KNX.


Additional information

IP configuration


4 reviews for ComfoWay V2 for Zehnder ComfoAir: KNX & modbus interface and vizualisation

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Felix Klare (verified owner)

    Das ComfoWay ist TOP
    – einfache Installation plug and play
    – eine sehr gute Visualisierung der Lüftungsanlage
    Das System ist einfach “RUND”, danke für die gute Leistung

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kim Vanrijckel

    Beste Christof,

    Als eerste is dit een geweldig ding! Super mooie layout!
    Echt handig voor wie met z’n ventilatie bezig is!

    Mvg Kim Vanrijckel

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jimi Koffert

    Device looks veryvery nice! If i saw right i can change pictures and text languages with my own?
    Which all paul devices this can be connected?

    • WebAdmin

      You can indeed fully customise the visualisation: access rights, graphics, charts, texts, color, layout, …. As you maybe saw on the ‘Skins’ page, one user modified it to mimic the original control panel on the unit.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Korbl (verified owner)

    Perfect! Great Product and excellent Support!

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