Besides designing, producing and distributing our products, we also offer our services to installers and OEM.

We have a vast experience in implementing the products we offer, as well as with regards to designing multi-protocol gateways and implmentation of different protocols and data-formats: KNX, modbus, BACnet, EnOcean, DMX, RS485, RS232, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, OPC-UA, sms, mail, CalDav, json, XML, …

Some actual examples:
– for large projects where a number of similar devices are installed we customise the products by adding specific communications, addapting visualization/GUI to local or project needs,
– for roll-out in large projects where a series of similar devices are installed we preconfigure the devices with device specific setting such as IP & KNX network settings, custom/specif compmunication objects, etc., to assist the installer by eliminating the need to do any more configuration by the installer,
– for distributors we make country specific versions,
– for OEM we rebrand and modify our devices,
– for OEM we create dedicated/propiratary protocol gateways between any of the protocols we have experience with and the propiratary needs of the OEM,
– for demanding integration and control functionality we assist in specification, then design, implement and test the required fucntionality. (eg advanced Lua scripting )

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

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