NEW: SPCway Plus gateway – adds visualization engine and BACnet

The SPCway product range, the leading solution for Vanderbilt SPC automation integration, is extended with a new product variant. The SPCway Plus introduces 2 major new features: – BACnet support: the Plus variant acts as BACnet server, serving BACnet clients with all features exposed by the SPCway-SPC communication objects. – visualization engine: allows to create […]

SPCway or SPClib – ComfoWay or ComfoLib

Two common questions are: – What is the difference between the addon library and the dedicated gateway? – What is best for me? We compiled a summary to help you decide. SPCway / ComfoWay is a dedicated gateway, serving as gateway between a KNX and Modbus installation and 1 SPC panel or ventilation unit. SPClib / […]

ComfoKNX becomes ComfoLib

In order to harmonise our product names we wish to inform our customers of a change in product name. The ComfoKNX Add-on module used to interface Zehnder ventilation units from the Logic Machine will change names to ComfoLib. As such all the add-on packages for the Logic Machine will have a name FunctionLib. Watch our […]

SPC gateway – modbus support

The bidirectional SPCway gateway to integrate an SPC intrusion system in KNX has been expanded with full modbus support. As from version V1.1 the main modbus features are: – bidirectional modbus support – acts as modbus slave (server) – support for modbus TCP and RTU (RS232-RS485) – all SPCway communication objects are available (technical limit of 8000 registers […]

Siemens SPC – KNX gateway : product announcement

Update: the product has been launched and can be found here: SPCway We are happy to announce the launch of a new product very soon: A fully configurable bidirectional KNX gateway for all Siemens SPC intrusion panels. Features The interface is fully bidirectional and supports three types of communication objects: – events: when particular things happen, […]

New ComfoWay Firmware

New Firmware version is released for the ComfoWay: V1.3 The major change in V1.3 is the support of additional communication objects : – regulate the ventilation fan settings (A, 1, 2 &3, supply & exhaust) – control the Boost functions – control the Boost duration You can find the full communication details here: WHR_GatewayCommunicationObjects_V1_08 Of course, the vizu has been modified […]

Base & Luxe heat exchangers for ComfoWay

It is confirmed that the ComfoWay and ComfoKNX modules also work well with the Base ventilation units. These units do not have the luxury board and miss out on certain specific functions. However, all essential communication objects are fully functional with both the base and luxe units. The only functions/objects which will not function are […]

ComfoWay : Plug & Play video

Thanks to the new cable assembly we now offer, the installation of your ComfoWay has never been easier. Just watch this video to see how you get going. In about a minute your ComfoWay is starting up. After allowing the device to boot and selftest for another minute, you’re ready to roll:

Advanced functional integration in KNX

If you need advanced functions not readily available for your KNX implementation then we can surely help you further. Our products can combine a series of advanced functions in one single device: – Visualisation – KNX-IP gateway – create new functions in KNX by combining functions from our extensive prebuilt libraries (solar, thermo, mail, scenes, […]

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