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pdf_iconPricelist: Recommended retail prices
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SPCway / SPClib


SPCway documentation
English Dutch German French
 pdf_iconSPCway Datasheet – EN Binnenkort beschikbaar Bald erhältlich Bientôt disponible
 pdf_iconSPCway: Setup guide V1.4 – EN  pdf_iconSPCway: Installatiegids V1.2 – NL Bald erhältlich Bientôt disponible
 pdf_iconSPCway Plus: Vizualisation Setup guide V0.2 – EN  

pdf_iconSPCway: Webinterface screenshots.


ComfoWay V2

pdf_iconComfoWay V2 Setup Guide – EN



pdf_iconComfoWay: Quick Setup Guide – EN.

pdf_iconComfoKNX package: Communication spec – objects & features – EN.

Need a little help in ETS with a dummy device:
pdf_iconComfoWay – KNX and ETS usage – EN


Logic Machine & Re:actor

pdf_iconLogic machine 3 – Re:actor Data sheet.

pdf_iconLogic machine 3 – Re:actor user manual. This also applies to the Logic Machine 3 – Interface version.

pdf_iconLogic machine 3. Naming convention of the serial ports.

pdf_iconLogic machine. Lua function reference.







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